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IFE (Pronounced ee -fay) The Movement is a Brooklyn based Pre Professional Dance Program. This program was officially launched in 2018, and it functions as the junior company of the professional dance company, Ntrinsik Movement. IFE, a Yoruba word, means love. A love these dancers will develop for dance, their community, and the brothers and sisters they dance alongside. IFE has performed in venues such as Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts, Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance, and has performed in festivals such as the Newburgh Illuminated Festival, The NYC Dance Parade, Six Flags, and the JCE Jazz Dance Project. The dancers have also been featured in various video projects such as the “Before I Let Go” challenge which was recognized by Beyonce.




The mission of IFE The Movement is to give young, gifted dancers access to intense technical training, professional performance experience, and professional artistic development. We strive to provide a space for our dancers that is filled with love, and accepting of their unique individuality as young artists. We are dedicated to pushing our students beyond their potential in light of cultivating the skills needed to pursue a career within the arts. Our goal is to create a long lasting sisterhood & brotherhood for all of our dancers, past and present.

IFE The Movement is invite ONLY. All dancers must audition and receive acceptance into the Pre-professional program.

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For more info, email ifethemovement@gmail.com